Talent for results

We create tomorrow’s digital solutions driven by passion and talent. Armed with business insight, design thinking and tech skills, we at Solinor are in the business of delivering results.


Our strength is your strength: Individuals with skills and ambition to help you succeed. You have the vision, we have the right people and skills to make it a reality.

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50 +

Team members

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Employee ownership


Software Development

Our cutting-edge solutions are tailored to your needs: to reinforce your business and to help you to stay ahead of the competition. From the early phases of visioning to completed products and services.


Digital Design

People are in the very core of our work. We create digital services that are made by the people and for the people. Services that solve real life problems and bring value to their users.



Whether you need to fulfill your short-term needs or to take your long-term vision into reality, we have the right people to complete your team and reinforce your organization.


Digitalization is disrupting businesses across all spectrums of the world. Those who are ahead of the future, are the ones who create it. Are you one of them? Check our guides to keep us and stay ahead.

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