at Solinor


We are well-paid professionals with many benefits and fun toys. However, the reason we enjoy working here is completely different. It’s the people. People who believe in excellence, value trust, act openly and appreciate a unique sense of humor. Because the best work is always done by happy people.

This is how we roll

Place and time

At Solinor you are free to do your job whenever and wherever, as long as it doesn’t mean “whatever”. For us, work is the things we do, not a place to go to. Nonetheless, our office is fun and has the works.

People first

We are all about Talent for Results, and that talent is all about the people. So the people we tend to hire usually bring much more to the table than just a line of code.


The work is done in closely-knit project teams, using agile and scrum. The team is responsible for the project and holds the decision-making power – and the freedom to succeed.

Choose your tools

Solinorians strongly believe that all marksmen and women should be able to choose their weapons of choice. Whether you choose to work standing up, lying down or something in between is up to you.

Self improvement

If your attitude to work is never stop learning, we salute you! We support all employees both time and moneywise, with whatever it takes for you to become better person than you were yesterday.

Competitive salaries

Money isn’t everything. But we know it helps, so we pay excellent salaries to talent for results. And if you have the dedication and devotion, we have good news: we regularly offer our employees the opportunity to ownership.

Survival guide

Why we exist and how we differ from others? Read all about the Solinor way of thinking, what it takes to become a Solinorian and how we change each other’s lives while changing the lives of others. Are you ready for the time of your life? If you have Talent for Results, read our manifest and join us!