Full Stack Developer

Are you an experienced software developer and want to discuss your interests? We want to hear your story, just drop your contact details and let’s talk about your interests and opportunities available in Solinor. Wouldn’t it be great if we find a match for both of us?

We are looking for talented software developers who wants to further expand their tech skills. You want to be versatile than Solinor might be the right environment for you. If you have opinions on how software projects should be managed and how development should be done, you will have all the power you need to influence your projects. We are lovable people in a relaxed environment!

Just to throw some keywords; Few techs that we work with are ReactJS, NodeJS, Python, Java, React-Native, Native Mobile, Scala, Serverless architecture and to throw some more names Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, NoSQL etc. In the end, you decide the tech stack with your team and customer, after all, you will be solving the complex architectural challenges.

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