Crafting Awesome Digital Services

Solinor is a digitalisation professional. We build awesome digital services and are a trusted companion in digital business development. Our customers will not settle for mediocre: They want to be on the top. Good things come out of passion and the will to make things right by combining business, design and technology accordingly.

Business Development

Digitalisation is changing business models more quickly than most of us realise. What worked yesterday can be history tomorrow. Our mission is to spar our customers’ businesses to the digital era.

Usability and Design

Difficult to use and visually unpleasant services should be left into the history. Let’s together make services people want to use!

Software Development

Trustworthy software development is a solid core that ensures your services’ functionality, information security and scalability for future needs.

Amazon Web Services - Cloud Services

Intelligent maintenance over services is constant work with information security and availability. We stay up so you don’t have to.

Digital Marketing & Engineering

Success stories are not coincidences: They are the result of proper use of analytics, constant optimisation as well as creative and efficient marketing.

Payment Services

Electrical payments? Mobile payments? Let us help – We know the field and solutions with over 10 years of experience.


Some of our customers

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