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Cloud services are renewing and conquering the digital world. Before the era of digital services maintenance required big advance investments to server rooms, hardware and maintenance crew. Local server rooms had a bigger risk of downtime due to maintenance and in a case of a system failure any services related to it would’ve been down for a long time. Virtualisation is a modern way of forgetting physical equipment and embrace the use of scalable cloud service environment where you no longer need to worry about physical limitations.

AWS – scalable cloud services according to your needs

Amazon Web Services (AWS) -cloud service virtual computers scale according to your specific needs which means there is no need for investments in advance. Since the server computers are also virtual there are no interruptions in use. Trustworthy and scalable cloud services require you, as a customer, to only pay for the computing power you are using. Virtualisation is your possibility to focus into generating business value rather than worrying about physical difficulties.

Here at Solinor Amazon Web Service -cloud services are used as a base for many services we use or have created. Through experience we have learned that cloud services are the better option for traditional physical hardware.

Cloud service professionals at your service

Solinor has created new applications and has participated in moving large infrastructures to cloud environments. We have built the first PCI DSS -certified cloud service in Finland, Payment Highway which operates entirely in Amazon Web Services cloud service.

In our road to the world of cloud servies we have made plenty of mistakes from which we have learned many valuable lessons. Now, with our experience backing us up, we can state that virtualisation and cloud services are a worthwhile investment. Our consultants are the right people to make sure that you will get the best practises and technologies to use from the beginning.

Our mission is to make sure that you will find the best fitting services and tools for your needs: No matter if it is virtualising your services, moving to Amazon Web Services cloud service or any other investment regarding cloud services, we will help you. Our consultants are passionate users of brand new technologies: With practicalities, time and other available resources in mind they will make sure that the solution offered to you will get you as far in cloud automation as possible.

Virtualisation is worthwhile!

If cloud services raised some questions or you wish to have a more detailed conversation about cloud services in your organisation, contact us!


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