Business Development

Business development simply implies a process where company’s business is adapted to the changed digitalised world. In practise carrying out this change is often more difficult than it seems. Many companies have difficulties in adapting old business models to the new changes created by digitalisation. These companies should update their current services and bring a new digital service on the side of both old services and products but things are not always working as planned. Our business development services are meant to aid and support our clients in their transition to the digital era.

As digitalisation professionals we are specialized into developing digital services as a part of company’s business development. Our mission is to help them to create a new service or upgrade an old one to a level where its results can be clearly seen as a profit.

Business development as software development driver

A well built digital service is a many phased entity which economical benefits are constantly measured with user experience and analytics. In business development process service is preliminary tested before too much money has been sank into it. This is done in collaboration with potential customers by using a prototype. This ensures that when when the finished product moves to the market it will be in form of a Minium-Viable-Product (MVP). Throughout the whole development process we will constantly involve you, the client, so you can tell us which way you want the system development to be taken and what do you want the end product to look like.

Making mistakes during testing is cheap and repairing them is easy. This ensures that decision making throughout development process will be based on actual data, rather than guessing. This allows the end user to receive the best possible service at launch. Expenses and risks will stay low and the benefits of the service can be made clear early on.

Business development as an ongoing process

Digital service is never complete and that is why business development is also an ongoing process. Users needs and affections change all the time, competitors publish new products and new technological breakthroughs change the environment constantly. Since the threshold of swapping is almost negligible for customers they will quickly switch to the best service on the market. For many old school companies that move into the digital market this often comes in as a shock. Shock quickly turns into panic, panic into mistakes and mistakes into failed projects or services.

Business development experts at your service

Since the beginning we here at Solinor have been working with business development. We offer you our services with over 10 years of expertise in the field. If you have any questions, concerns or propositions related to business development contact us!


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