Crafting Awesome Digital Services

Solinor is a digitalisation professional. We build awesome digital services and are a trusted companion in digital business development.

Our mission is to help our customers build services that enable success in a digitalising world. We carry out projects as entireties, offer consultants for specific needs and are responsible for continuous analytics, maintanance and further development.

Our Customers

Normally we work with business leaders and partnership & digital project management personnel when they want insight about potential benefits of digitalisation for their business, have a will to be on the top of renewing market by using excellent digital services and they need a partner that can refine their customers’ ideas into digital services.

Many of our customers have noticed that their current services or procedures are not enough for present day’s needs and they need someone to renew them. Some of them are just simply tired of continuously failing software projects and their current companions inability to support organisation and business transition.

Few of our customers are already a long way into the path of digitalisation and they have a good vision about what they are doing. We help them by filling the need for specific proficiency to support their development. We are speeding up the process and bringing our own strengths and best practices to the table.

How do we act?

  • We approach digital services from the business point of view.
  • We see digital services as entireties. We master all aspects of digital service development from creating ideas and concept crafting to maintanance and analytic based optimisation. We understand the big picture of digital business.
  • When you are working with us you should not only expect to follow orders but we will boldly give you ideas how the service under development would support the customers business best.
  • We are not interested in developing mediocre software: Our people are committed in building top-class services. This is why we want that our customer is also engaged in demanding the best possible quality for his services’ end users.
  • It is important for us to offer the best possible service for our customers in all phases of the project which is why people working for us also possess great communication skills and business knowledge.
  • Success is personal for us. We are a company owned by our employees and thus engaged in building lasting relationships with our customers.
  • It is easy to get things started with us because our customers bond to us through examples and evidence not from difficult contracts.

How can we help YOU?


How can we help?

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Pekka Koskinen

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