OpenVAS support and consulting

We offer comprehensive support for all OpenVAS users. Starting from installation to security consulting services and custom network test (NVT) developments. You can also freely choose where you want to run your OpenVAS platform – either in your own premises or perhaps as a service in cloud.

We can offer you tools to run full security analyses by yourself or we can provide you with complete security assessments as a service. You can also address the security vulnerabilities found by the analyses by yourself or you can hire us to remedy the security issues in your environment.

We can also offer consultancy service in order to enhance your code level security. We have the skills, capabilities and experience to maintain strict security requirements in order to be compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). We have already built PCI DSS compliant environments in both classic data centers and modern cloud environments.

We have already developed multiple vulnerability tests for OpenVAS and we can also develop custom vulnerability detection tools for your specific needs.

We offer you technical level reports of our security scan service results that you find most suitable for your needs. We can provide traditional reports on paper or we can automate reporting and integrate it with your vulnerability management system.

Our support offering is extremely flexible. We can offer very specific services with fixed prices, all-round consultancy with an hourly rate, or a combination of these.

Contact us so that we can provide you with the best possible OpenVAS solutions.


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