Payment services

Payment services are in a critical period. Traditional payment methods and services, such as cash transactions and card payments, are no longer enough to answer for modern needs. Therefore traditional payment services have received multiple new competitors: Bitcoin, local payments, mobile payments, web payments, Paypal, Apple pay and many others. Consumers demand ease of use and speed from payment services and on top of that they want to have more than one payment method available for use. It can be difficult for a payment service provider to figure out what options are best or necessary for their needs.

Data and information security in payment services

Many web-based payment services are already able to store their customers credit card details for future ease of use. At the same time hack attacks against payment services increase the risk of card payments. For instance this is why payment card industry data security standard (PCI DSS) is used to control data processing in payment services.

Over 10 years ago Solinor was the first Finnish software company to pass PCI DSS auditing. Again two years ago Solinor created another piece of Finnish programming history by being the first to receive a PCI DSS certificate for a cloud based payment service.

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