Software development

Creating an amazing digital service is a many phased process. Software development project begins from defining and planning and goes on until maintenance and further development. The actual coding process is only a part of creating a digital service.

Our most important goal is to fulfill the requirements of the project from business, strategic and quality perspectives. With the help of our software development experts you can advance your business by either creating new or renovating old.

Software development tools

A service that seems simple might require the collaboration of many different parties and frameworks and engage tens or hundreds of specialists from different fields of expertise. Every one of them can have their own needs and hopes of how the service should work. Therefore, in software development, it is especially important that the service and its background functions are well defined right from the beginning of the project.

Every successful product comes from an idea but the knowledge how this idea is turned into a service can still be in the dark. Careful planning and defining before the beginning of software development work ensures that all parties involved have a clear understanding of what the service will do and what it needs to function. Solinor’s Startup Day is designed to help you clarify your vision and answer your service’s technical definition needs: Send us a message if you are interested!

At this point you know what the service will offer but who uses it and how will it be used? Product focused for the wrong target audience, poorly designed user interface and unclear inner logic can form a frustrating experience and alienate the customer. With the help of service design we design services from end users perspective and therefore perceive what functions are the most problematic and/or important for her. Service design will always be useful for software development when you want to improve the user experience of your service: It should always be an essential part of services development process.

We have now answered the most important questions of development – what, to whom, why and when – but the service itself is still on a theoretical level. In service development there might be long time periods where the product cannot be tested as a whole. With interactive prototype, even at the early stages of development, we can understand what will the service be like when it is complete. After this the prototype can easily be reused as a help for development or as a model for potential customers or investors.

Agile software development

In our software development we favor the agile methodologies which allow us to create the service iteratively one phase at a time. We have also created services by using the waterfall method but, with experience on both methodologies, we have found the agile way to be more effective. Agile software development makes sure that the final product will match the customer’s requirements.

Agile software development consists of team level project management method (Scrum) where work is done in two week long development periods aka. sprints. The content of these development periods is managed by the product owner whom we can train for the position if required.