The talent

We are a closely-knit group of people with world-class talent for developing outstanding business models, beautiful design and functional code. Together we are in the business of delivering results
– not for ourselves, but for our customers. And their customers.

Few of our talents

Jari Kujansuu

Jari’s talent is to create beautiful, functional and maintainable code to turn customer’s visions into reality. With a long background in software development, Jari masters the process of planning, evaluating and scheduling a software project. As a tech lead, he is not only in charge of quality coding but also making sure the best for the customer is also the best for the user.

If you’re in a need of an experienced coder with fresh ideas on how to use the new technologies and languages to create exceptional digital services, contact Jari.

Juha Linnanen

Meet Juha, our talented Head of Mobile team. When it comes to newest technologies, innovations or coding languages, Juha knows the best options to create outstanding mobile applications. Together with the mobile developer team Juha has built and published multiple brilliant applications for both business and consumer use.

Juha has also prospered as a consultant in customer’s team, so incase you need a short-term help with your mobile project, or prefer a whole team of developers to make your visions come true, Juha is the right person to contact.

Juha Salo

Juha Salo solves problems in all areas of software development. Known for his talent of analytical thinking and delivering measurable results, Juha leads our customer’s projects steadily and safely. He is the person to make sure everything is completed on time and within a budget, and only rests when the customer is happy.

Juha has a long history in web and mobile development, and knows the tricks and tips on how to create applications with excellent usability. Juha’s true passion lies in digital marketing and analytics as he even wrote a book about it. He knows everything on how to transfer visitors and clicks into revenue and is happy to teach you how it’s done.

Qaiser Siddique

As his latest conquest, Qaiser changed the world of mobile development and customer projects, to taking care of the talents working at Solinor. He now strives to make Solinor a better place by ensuring our people are happy. Qaiser also operates as a matchmaker between the company and our future talents, constantly doing his best to find the right people to complement our teams and projects. With a strong background as a developer, team leader and COO, he really understands what it takes to be a real talent for results.

So whether you are a talent yourself or know someone with a passion for excellent digital services, don’t hesitate to contact Qaiser.

Sara Isotalo

Sara masters the talent of communication. As a UX and service designer, Sara helps our customers to plan and design digital services. She is the person to make sure all the products and services work in a best way possible, and create an actual value for their users. By interviewing, observing and questioning she collects an understanding of the needs, desires and problems of the user, and and visualizes the knowledge in a comprehensible and informative format. She channels between coders, customers and users sharing information to ensure the best possible design for the products and services.

Whether it’s innovating solutions for customers problems, creating the base for user understanding or creating mockups and prototypes, Sara is your go-to talent.